Benefit Delivery Formula and Benefits Management/ Benefits Realization

Investing resources in change is necessary but fraught with risks. Traditional portfolio, program and project management approaches look to reduce this risk with cost, time, quality and scope controls. What is often missing is controls to ensure the business receives the expected benefits e.g. the value, outcomes, goals and objectives.

Benefits management, or benefits realization, helps with this. However, there is not the practical support for portfolios, programs and projects to successfully implement beneficial change.


The Benefits Delivery Formula has been created to help you
increase the benefits delivered by portfolios, programs and projects.


Wovex has experience going back over 24 years experience of complex change and has helped some of the worlds largest organisations gain greater benefits from change. Wovex has also carried out extensive research across areas that can help with delivering beneficial change and the fruits of this expertise is available through the Benefit Delivery Formula. Wovex is now sharing the insights and knowledge to you with step-by-step guidance that is the Benefit Delivery Formula.


The Benefit Delivery Formula is flexible for different situations and industries. With a potentially massive improvement in peoples lives and on the environment, achieving greater benefits from change globally is Wovex’s ambition.

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