Wovex Realisor

Wovex Realisor Software for Benefits Realization Success

Do you want to:
– increase benefits realized from change?
– reduce risk of business case delivery?
– gain greater clarity and certainty?

Efficiently implement Benefits Realization best practice and gain powerful insights.
For Benefits Realization, change and project/program management; Wovex Realisor is the complete solution for beneficial change.

Use Wovex Realisor

If you are interested in using Wovex Realisor then please see Wovex.com.

“Customers have been amazed. Realisor provides a graphical view of their requirements, the most appropriate solutions to meet them and the underpinning financial data. It therefore gives us the opportunity to increase client satisfaction and sales.”

– Peter Karran, Principal Consultant, Fujitsu UK&I

Benefits Realization

Benefits Realization (also called benefits management) helps you to create and implement a benefits strategy, a benefits plan, benefits tracking and benefits realization. Wovex Realisor is Benefits Realization software that enables advanced Benefits Realization and more. It has been designed by Benefits Realization practitioners to be easy to use, save time and give superior results.

Investments are made for many reasons but ultimately they are expected to result in the realisation of business benefits. There is a history of poor selection, delivery and realisation of benefits from investments. Effective Benefits Realization approaches have been in use for over 15 years, but, until Wovex Realisor, no tools have been developed to fully enable these approaches.

Wovex Realisor helps you to qualify and prioritize benefits, establish measurements and create plans to realise them in a novel and patent pending way. It will support the optimising of plans to deliver the highest priority benefits for the resources available. Then help to monitor, review and manage the Benefits Realization and to keep investments on-track. It is graphically based to encourage the engagement of stakeholders and can easily integrate into on-going operations.
Wovex Realisor has been designed to help people to be accountable for Benefits Realization, reduce confusion and to save time and cost. Ultimately it helps to realise greater business benefits from the right investments.

So, when asking, what is Benefits Realization, then it is an approach that helps realise greater benefits, faster, at a low cost and risk for your projects and programs. Wovex Realisor – for serious Benefits Realization.